Energy and Utilities

There is more and more pressure on energy and utility companies to deliver cost-effective and reliable energy sources, while keeping environmental concerns in mind. At the same time, consumers are demanding more control over their own energy consumption. Companies need insights into performance and usage across the network to make more effective decisions.

Ability to predict and prepare

for weather events that can disrupt the electrical distribution network, enabling proactive allocation and deployment of resources—people and equipment—to minimize the time it takes to restore power.


- Planning of repairs or maintenance through greater visibility of supply chain resources, allowing better scheduling, reducing outages - Operational performance and efficiency through a full 360 degree view of both resources (skills, schedules, availability) and key assets

Maximize up-time

- Comply with regulatory requirements with a best practices based repeatable workflow - Minimize fuel costs and maximize load capacity to improve profit margins - Score customers on their likelihood to switch to another provider to proactively intervene and retain them